~ Aupilhac ~
13.5 hectares on terraces at an altitude of 100 metres in the area known as "Aupilhac".
Overlooked by the Castellas, ruins of the XI century castle which is the emblem of Montpeyroux .
the land is planted withMourvédre (3.5ha), Carignan (4.3ha), Syrah (2.2ha), Grenache (2.5ha) andCinsault (0.8ha).

~ Cocalières ~
Eight hectares (20 acres) at an altitude of 350 metres (1148 feet).
This vineyard consists of white Roussanne, Marsanne, Rolle and white Grenache grapes for white wines, with black Grenache , Syrah and Mourvédre for the reds.
The object here is to take advantage of the altitude to produce a higher acidity/alcohol balance as well as fresher aromas but without affecting the depth and vigour of the wines.

At 40 kms from the coast, our climate is typically Mediterranean : hot in the summer, cool in winter, rainfall during the spring and autumn. More specifically to Montpeyroux , situated as we are in the foothills of the 850 metre (2800 ft) high Larzac we benefit from cool summer nights which, together with occasional storms, help refresh the vines after the scorching daytime sun.

Once cleared, the land is allowed to 'rest' for some eight years during which time we sow a variety of different cereals. We never use chemicals to clear or disinfect the soil. It cleans itself naturally during the time it is left fallow. A year before planting, we firm up the land with a Ripper compactor to help the new vines take root. We also analyse the soil to identify the areas most suitable for grafting stock which is always on a weaker and less productive plant- often based on Riparia.

"L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. à consommer avec modération"

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