AOC Les Cocalières White

AOC Coteaux du Languedoc Les Cocalières WHITE



Roussanne – Marsanne – Rolle (Vermantino) – White Grenache – 25% each.



Situated at an altitude of 350 metres on hilly land facing north-west, the soil consists of fine grained colluvium soil with lacustrine deposits. It is on the site of an old lake formed after the eruption of a volcano whose crater is at the bottom of the Jouncas valley. The resulting soil is a geological phenomenon consisting of a mixture of limestone and basalt.



This wine is blended in older casks and tuns once its alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are completed. Both the vinification and malolactic fermentation take place in casks and used barrels.
The wine matures for between 13 and 14 months in older barrels and tuns. When it has clarified naturally, we bottle it without filtering. The White Cocalières is blended before fermentation. The
grapes grow at 350 metres on a north-west facing slope. It is outstandingly fresh with great length.



Freshness and length are the chief characteristics of the wine whose aromas are reminiscent of spring flowers and white peaches. Thanks to its balanced structure it will keep for several years.



A delightful aperitif, it is also splendid drunk with river fish such as trout, perch or pike.

"L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. à consommer avec modération"

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